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Experimental Laser Weapon Shoots Down Rockets, Drones

The ADAM system is designed to take down targets at close range....

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Why Do Dogs Howl?

Howling is a behavior dogs share with wolves....

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What Is a Green Card?

The coveted card gives permanent residents many privileges....

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What is Stereolithography?

In stereolithography, a a laser focuses on a vat of liquid plastic to draw out the 3D model layer by...

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5 Mobile Payment Apps for Small Business

Accepting credit cards will cost you a premium. These five mobile payments apps are less expensive and more flexible....

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McDonald’s Officially Recognizes Australian Nickname

To celebrate Australian Day, McDonald's changes name to Australian moniker....

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The Best Pay Day Loan Services

Need a little extra cash to hold you over until pay day. These are the best short term or "pay...

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Candy Vitamins on the Way From Israeli Company

A spoon full of sugar really does help the medicine go down, or at least that’s what one candy company...

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15 Odd and Unusual Things That Can Be 3D Printed

From dinosaur skeletons and plastic fetuses to sporting equipment and bikinis, 3D printing brings the miraculous, the useful and the...

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Do You Belong to a Twitter Tribe?

Those 140 characters determine your Twitter 'tribe.' The language you use can determine your specific community, research finds....

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Target Skips Super Bowl Ads to Go Mobile

Think Super Bowl ads are overrated? So does Target....

Open uri20130923 5391 vigay8 article

Entrepreneurs Are Happiest Workers

Is being your own boss the secret to happiness at work?...

Open uri20130923 13332 6prfli article

Cat or Helicopter? Social Media Users to Choose New Monopoly Piece

The iron, the thimble, the boot or the...helicopter?...

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Social Networking Gets Boozy with 'Buddy Cup'

With a tech-enhanced mug, making new Facebook friends is as simple as saying "cheers."...

Open uri20130923 31608 124tuoe article

Teenager Designs Safer Nuclear Power Plants

19-year-old Taylor Wilson has a plan for harnessing the power of fission....